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Ingredient Under The Spotlight : Shea Butter


Shea is a fruit tree from West Africa mainly that can live up several hundred years. It is often found in the wild savannah as it is very difficult to cultivate. Regarded as a sacred tree, Shea is traditionally worshiped for its natural butter which constitutes one of the very few available sources of fat for cooking as well as skin care.

In Burkina Faso and several other Sahel countries, Shea is protected from cutting and fruit picking. In fact, the villagers wait until the fruits are ripe enough and fall to the ground before picking them up and eating their tender juicy flesh during summertime. This fruit encloses the Shea nut itself which is then used to produce Shea Butter

Women are the only ones involved in the process of gathering and transforming the Shea nuts, which explains why Shea Butter is often described as “women’s green gold”. In fact, not only this product brings them multiple benefits in their everyday life as a beauty aid and cooking ingredient, but it also represents a significant source of income and emancipation.

Its Benefits for The Skin

Dermatological studies have proven the unique efficiency of shea butter on the skin. Highly moisturizing, anti-aging, offering protection from UV rays, healing for damaged skin and stimulating skin cell regeneration, shea butter is even recommended by dermatologists.

Kariderm’s Shea Butter is unrefined and is therefore an organic ingredient that has preserved its unique richness in fatty acids, unsaponifiables and vitamins A, E & D, the purest cocktail of nutrients for healthy skin.

Kariderm and Shea Butter

As early as 2003, KARIDERM was the first brand to carry the ECOCERT organic certification for shea butter. This breakthrough was made possible after 3 years of efforts and technical assistance on the field in Africa with the ‘ASY’ women cooperative to put in place the strict standards of organic farming, adapt production equipment and train women producers on new management tools.

For consumers, the organic certification offers a additional quality assurance by respecting among others the following principles.


Melt a small quantity of shea butter in the hand and apply on the desired parts of the body, rubbing it well until completely absorbed.

For an intensive hair treatment or deep soothing massage, it is possible to melt a bigger quantity of shea butter in a bain-marie and even add a few drops of one's favorite essential oils. Be careful not to overheat the product and to keep it below 45°C, avoiding putting the shea butter in a microwave oven.

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