ro 100% pure organic baobab oil.
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Baobab Oil
50 ml


African Essentials Organic Baobab Oil is a precious oil extracted from the seeds of the baobab fruit by a small workshop in Senegal managed by women. Rich in Omega 6 & Omega 9 essential fatty acids, sterols and tocopherols, African Essentials Organic Baobab Oil is a very light and quickly absorbed oil with a soft and dryfinish that offers numerous benefits for the skin and hair.


Genuinely beneficial like a pure liquid silk.

Baobab oil deserves praise from those who know it well . It offers a higher level of hydration by its generous but not greasy texture. Among other benefits , it is given restorative and anti -aging .


Adansonia digitata


Very moisturizing and protective, it helps fight dry skin and stimulates the vital functions of the epidermis, improving firmness, fighting scars, minor burns, irritations and stretch marks among others, and leaving the skin silky soft. Our baobab oil can also be used as a hair mask before shampoo to restore moisture in scalp and strengthen hair.


Dry and very dry skin
Sensitive or irritated skin
Stretch marks
Minor burns, scars and sunburns
Dry, dull or breaking hair, split ends
Damaged or dry hair ends
Frizzy hair
Breaking nails

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